5 countries, 27 branches, 520 people

itsme is the familyname of the international group that incorporates five companies with an annual turnover of approximately €200 million. The group employs 520 people and possesses a comprehensive network of 27 branches in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Romania and Spain. itsme offers an extensive range of electrical and mechanical engineering services directed towards industrial end-users, mechanical engineers, panel builders and technical fitters.The unique selling point of itsme lies in the fact that its operating companies provide customers with highly effective, tailor-made solutions. All of those operating companies share the same drive to support customers and make it easier for them to conduct their businesses.

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When it comes to delivering top performance, knowledge is key. We develop our training programs based on professional experience and case studies, novice and advanced, to make your workforce reach it's full potential.

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Thanks to years of experience we know that every market faces specific challenges and unique opportunities. itsme offers industry-specific solutions for different markets. Discover how itsme can make your business succeed.

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